Leather Sofa Upcycling

We sell on line, at local markets and at festivals and pretty much anywhere we think will put us in front of our customers.

Repurposed Sofas

When I first had the idea to repurpose a sofa I turned to Facebook market place and found my first sofa in Calne.

Advertised as Free 2 Collector because of the stains on the cushion pad, this sofa was then by its owners relegated to the garage – it was a beautiful colour and other than Fuel and time the cost was minimal so if it didn’t work out financially I was ok.

I stripped the sofa using a Stanley knife and weighed the leather and I had saved 4.3kg from Landfill. The leather then gets taken inside and the panels are cut down into what’s useable and what is not. I try to keep my waste to a minimal but I can not use everything.

The next stage is to mark out the patterns and for me the seam detail are what makes the sofa leather different, I like the life marks and the scuffs, as it just highlights that this leather had a life before, it holds memories good and bad and watched all its family members grow. If you think that most people keep a leather sofa for a minimum of 10-15yrs and that’s a lot of memories. 



sofa - repurpose - old Leather sofa - upcycle - New Baginnings - Brown Leather sofa from Calne Sofa no.1

The first ever Sofa Bag was purchased by the lady who owned the sofa, that was nice, the fact that she gave me the sofa for free and then bought a bag back from me. That’s a nice feeling. I can generally process 1 Sofa a week, that’s aswell as normal family life, and trust me it’s not a chore, sewing is my therapy and I just love this leather, it just gives so much back. Upon completion of the bags that are all interlined and lined with an internal zipped pocket,  they are cleaned and conditioned to give them life once more.

I didn’t actually think that me stripping a sofa would be interesting so the first few didn’t get filmed lol.

This sofa was the first time I realised that some leather sofas are not all as they seem.

With having an large amount of leather – this allows. me to play with some ideas that I have in my head.

This is a travel wallet, requested by a customer and now in production when there is sufficient leather 

sofa - tote - leather - tan - new bag
Travel wallet - sofa  - leather - newbaginnings