Meet the Team.

When I needed help these friends stepped forward and wanted to be part of my team and I am so happy to share my journey with them….

Lisa Crick

Lisa Crick

Owner, Director

So this is me, sat in my favourite place and that’s at my machine. 

Hard to believe that this is my grounding place, whenever I’m stressed or anxious then here is the place that I love to be, it is peaceful and stressless and has a great chilled out vibe – this is my workshop.

I often wonder how it came to be that I became a bag maker, my first ever job was as a Saturday girl in a Hairdressers in Bath, upon leaving school starting a hairdressing apprenticeship and realising this was not the life I wanted, unsettled I drifted from job to job, not really knowing what I wanted to do, but just earning some money along the way.

Ive done retail sales, field sales all the way through to team and area managment.

It’s quite clear that I get bored easily and have the attention span of a small puppy.

I worked for an insurance company investigating accidents and I’ve sold Appointment systems into hair salons. I worked at Trade shows and at Festivals and when I was 19 I had a friend who made leather clothing and I used to go and hang out in her shop. Ive been a Fitness Instructor and a cake maker and bizarrely my forte was making bags from cake…..

So it seems that for every role I had, I took away knowledge and without knowing, that all of those contributing factors would lead me to where I am today

I’m not sure how I ended up here but I am glad that I have and I do feel that life has led me to this place and I am where I am supposed to be. 

But enough about me come and meet the team…….

Lisa - New Baginnings - Owner - Creator - Designer


This is Dave my long suffering husband…

A great supporter of the business, chief sofa collector, stripper and current pattern cutter.

His strengths lie in stand construction and chief cook, he is driver whilst I navigate and general dogsbody when and only when onsite…lol and if you speak nicely to him he will model for you …..even bigger lols

Say hello to Dave………

Claire Perry - Artist - bag designer - leather painter

Claire Perry 


This is Claire.

I have known Claire since I was about 17/18. She is a super talented Artist although she reminds me that her actual qualification lies in being a colourist – I have to admit I have no idea what that is but what I do know is that she is super talented, she loves detail and her artwork shows this to perfection.

I’ve always wanted to work with Claire and the Sofa Tote Bags are just perfect for this, as with Claires artwork I can use even the most tattiest of leathers and she can incorporate this into the design.

This collaboration takes the bags to a whole new price point as allow me reiterate she is a Professional Artist by trade.

The Artwork Bags start at £325.00 on a Tote,  depending on the level of the design and the time taken.

Say hello to Claire……..

Olive - Claire Page - Machinist.

Claire Page

aka Olive

This is Olive

I also have known her since my late teens, typically at that age we met over an arsehole boyfriend and became firm friends there after.

Claire is an absolute whizz on the sewing machine, if you give her a pattern she will create perfection  – she is fluent in Pattern-speak.

She definitely struggles with me as I designed my own patterns and the instructions are very much in my head…and because I speak a different language we have had some fun in translation…..

Claire is used to new fabrics and has had to navigate the challenges that used materials present.

Claire has taken on the bucket hats and will take the material bags over too – it’s really nice having someone you trust to bounce ideas from and I’m very excited to have her on board. 

Say Hello to Claire.   

Michelle Green - leather machinist - horse -

Michelle Green

Leather Machinist

This is Michelle.

I put an advert out through my biz FB page for an outworker with leather sewing abilities. I had a couple of people apply and come and test sew but I liked Michelle from the get go.

In her previous life she ran a reclamation yard so Pre-loved is in her blood. she has a passion for other peoples waste and likes to create and restore – we clicked immediately.

He sewing skills are superb and she learns and absorbs like a sponge, she appreciates that each bag is individual and respects that there is beauty in imperfection – she has become my second hand when it comes to the leather side of the business. 

Say hello to Michelle……