Painted Bags

Claire gets complete freedom as to what she paints onto the bags,  as what is the point of recruiting someone for their incredible talent then confining them to an artistic box – it makes no sense, she she gets the bags and has a feel for what she thinks would work and also what she would like to do

The bag is lined and interlined with an internal zipped pocket.

Painting: And it is a painting, as much as it looks like a Transfer, it definitely is a painting. She uses Angelus paints that are the consistency of ink, which is why this is a very lengthy process,  as to create these works of art and that is what they are Works of Art, the bag is prepared and finished accordingly with the appropriate products, which then guarantee the life of the Artwork.

These paints/inks are specifically designed for leather and leather goods so they bend and flex with the fabric that they are adhered to.

The paint is layered to create the colour and depth and these pieces take over 40hrs

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