Black Conservatory Leather Sofa Weekender


Black Conservatory Leather Sofa Weekender Bag

This sofa spent 10 years in a conservatory where the sun has bleached it from black to a grey, with hints of silver and green, giving it its own patina of life.

  • Size: 63 x 20 x 37cm
  • Full of life marks, each bag is 100% unique.
  • Super soft leather
  • All bags are interlined and lined with an internal zip pocket.
  • Lined with an old curtain
  • All materials were considered to be waste.

This sofa was advertised on Facebook marketplace as ‘Free to Collector’ and was collected from Street, Somerset.


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Black Conservatory Leather Sofa Weekender

From a sun kissed point of view this is one of my favourites  – having spent 10Yrs in a conservatory living life in heat and sunhat definitely taken its toll but in return has given back glorious shades of Blacks through greys onto greens – just stunning.

The leather itself is super thick yet soft definitely quality and one would assume not a cheap purchase.

The leather is beautifully soft and the colour variations are stunning and truly unique.

There may be life marks on some of the bags, the marks are described  – see description of each one. an absolutely stunning colour with definite hues of greens, greys and the original black.

This one is lined with a curtain that has an orange flower with an internal zipped pocket to keep your valuables safe.


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