Black Sofa Leather XBody Bag


Dilton Marsh

Part of a house clearance that was on its way to the recycling centre before being given a second chance with us.

There is still a huge amount of life left in the leather as its hardly been broken in and still quite rigid in its feel.

It has cleaned up beautifully and is just a classic in Black.


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Dilton Marsh

This sofa was part of a house clearance and literally dropped off on the way to the recycling centre.

I was on the drive actually stripping a sofa when a van pulled up and asked if we wanted this one, well in for a penny on for a pound as the saying goes, and it was a nice day and I had the time get them both done.

The sofa was in pretty decent condition, it was not an expensive sofa when purchased but the leather is clean and tidy and a nice shade of black.

There are 4 bags and they are pretty similar.

Each one has a centre seam and both are stitched in a contrasting thread.

All the bags are lined and interlined and have an internal zipped pocket.

The leather has its own distinctive feel and I would say still has a way to go to being fully broken inn and still feels quite firm without being too stiff.





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Weight .750 kg
Dimensions 40 × 8 × 27 cm
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