Emerald Green Sofa Leather Tote


This suite was donated in by Waste not Mont not who are a house clearance company  – they gift me their sofas as they find they are pretty difficult to get rid of. This one was located in Bath and is odd. Another sofa that definitely works better as a bag than as a sofa.

The weird and wonderful colours made to look aged have benefited this leather as a bag as it gives it character without it being abused, dry and uncared for.


Emerald Green Leather Sofa Tote Bag

An extremely odd looking sofa that definitely made better bags than it ever did as a sofa.

designed to look aged and antiqued which was odd as the leather is soft and shiny so the whole aged but shiny think is a bit of a struggle – but what this does for me as the bag maker the leather and colour effects are fantastic even if staged. The leather where it has been processed for sofa use is also beneficial for the bag as it shouldn’t stain or mark too easily. The feel of this is soft yet feels coated.


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Weight .750 kg
Dimensions 46 × 10 × 31 cm
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