Forest Green Sofa Leather Totes


Forest Green Sofa Leather

This sofa is old and the leather from it aged and vintage looking.

Collected from Devizes Wiltshire a very well loved and well used sofa with many a story to tell.




Green Sofa Leather Totes.

This sofa is to date the oldest one that I have repurposed, the leather is aged and worn as you would expect for a sofa that has been in existence for over 25 years.

Fortunately the Totes are made from the back of the sofa which gets the least wear, so out of the collection this is probably the best leather condition wise.

These bags are designed to sit over the shoulder, They have an internal zipped pocket and are interlined to give th bags more structure. The bags have a closure at the top too so they can be pretty secure.

I have tried to describe the seam details

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