Hand Painted Peacock Sofa Tote


Blue Family Sofa

This sofa spent in excess of 20 years with its family where it was loved to actual death

  • Full of life marks,
  • Super soft leather
  • All bags are interlined and lined with an internal zip pocket.
  • Measurements 13″ high, 18″wide and 4″ deep (approximately)
  • All materials were considered to be waste.

This sofa was advertised on Facebook marketplace as ‘Free to Collector’ and was collected from Street, Somerset.


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Hand Painted Sofa Tote

I collected this sofa upon request from its owner family of which this sofa had been a member of for over 20 years.

In it’s lifetime it had survived cats, life, love, laughter and the arrival of the children.

This section of sofa had suffered terribly from the effects of the cats and their claws and so at first I placed it in the bin thinking it unusable  – but Claire asked of she could have it as already her creative juices had started to flow with ideas for this bag.

This is definitely a unique bag and the artwork is beyond stunning.

I think he’s a Percy or a Percival but ultimately the new owner will make that decision.

Lined with a piece of material that was donated in as waste – the bag is lined with an internal zipped pocket.



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