Navy Patterned New Leather


During 2020 Lockdown a samples department was emptied and going into the skip heading for landfill. With no establishments open to take it they had no choice but to bin it – I was lucky that I knew someone who knew someone and got a chance to salvage a carload. Beautiful one off pieces of leather that I get to repurpose into bags and they get to breathe rather than be buried in the ground.


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Printed Navy Bag with contrasting suede handles and zip panel.

This leather was saved during 2020 Lockdown as the dept was shut down for relocation and being emptied onto the skip. Right time right place for this one for sure.

Lionel with old bed linen there was only enough for this bag as it was a test piece stitched with a neutral thread  – this is a stunning bag and to think that this was headed for landfill is criminal.




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