Rich Brown or Plum Leather Body Bags


A stunning collection of bags taken from a suite collected in Westbury.

In a not so clean condition and having been given a deep condition these bags have been brought back to life, they are lined and interlined so they definitely have some 15yrs plus of life left in them


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White Elephant Clearance  – Westbury Collection

We work alongside WEC when they have sofas that they can’t get rid of or sell due to incorrect labels or they are ripped or damaged

This was collected from the Tynnings in Westbury as part of a clearance  – this was super soft leather, I can’t imagine this was a practical choice as a sofa but as leather for bags regis was perfect. Super soft and gorgeous to the touch.

The colour is always a good discussion as it looks Plum but then for others they say A Rich Red Brown, personally I think it’s plum.

There are 6 to choose from and all have then same lining so the only difference ice the seam detail so I will do my best to detail this under each of the selected numbers.




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Weight .750 kg
Dimensions 40 × 8 × 27 cm
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