White Leather Flight Bag


From a gorgeous and well looked after sofa suite repurposed into this stunning Flight Bag measuring approx 20 x 12 x8″ a stylish travel bag if ever I did see one.

Very good quality Leather this one and in relatively good condition. With a good clean and condition the leather came back to life pretty quickly.


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Contacted by a very good friend of mine that had this sofa – well past its used by date with a tear in the cushion, so now the time had come to change it in for. a newer model.

This was a stunning sofa in its day and still had a fabulous amount of useable leather left to give.

Collected and stripped and a complete collection was made to include this Flight Bag, Totes and Crossbody’s all interlined and lined with an internal zipped pocket.

This flight bag has 2 side pockets and an adjustable shoulder strap. The leather is thick and super soft, it really was superb leather

The only Flight made from this suite. The bag has an old purple curtain repurposed as its Liner.

Originally in the designing of the flight bag the airlines were all checked for their cabin allowance and this was made 1 inch smaller all over making sure it complied, since then Easy jet have changed their sizing and so this is now 2′ too big so would advise to check the airline specifically and pack accordingly.

This bag measures approx 20” x12 x 8

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